Electronic Thermoregulation Systems



The Clima500 temperature controller manages in full and effectively High and Low temperature hydraulic heating systems with or without the climatic regulation.
Through the reading of the system’s temperatures and consents such as the Puffer temperatures, the delivery and return plant temperature, the outside temperature, the ambient probe/ thermostat, the fireplace/wood boiler temperature, the instrument is able to control the system’s devices such as the Mixer Valve, the delivery System Pump, the Integration Boiler,the Wood Fireplace/Boiler Pump.

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Power Supply 230/115 Vac  50/60 Hz
Fuse T 5 A
N. 05 Input PT1000, Room thermostat
Temperature measurement Range -40 ÷ 300 °C
N. 05 Output to control On/Off – 5A  – 250 Vac
Outputs configuration free contacts/ Line Voltage 230 Vac
Mechanical dimensions 4 module inbox
Dimensions 142x94x60 mm
Date/Time Hardware 168 hours backup