Electronic Thermoregulation Systems



Thermoregulation KIT for storage heating stoves

The Kit includes both the electronic controller Fire100 and the universal mechanical system Mec_Fire.
The controller Fire100 is easy and functionalto install.
It integrates an intelligent system able to acquire, process the combustion data and, following a highly and tested algorithm, it is able to manage automatically the regulation valve of the inflow air in the combustion chamber.
The included Memory function provides times, temperatures and data of the occurred combustions, available to the skilled installer in order to set and optimize the regulation algorithm.
The temperature detection is made through a Probe with range up to 1200 °C designed for various applications on storage heating stoves.
The universal system Mec_Fire is suitable both for stoves with internal and external channelled air input. The regulation valve is easy to install, inspect and replace in case of failure.
The electrical arrangements are a simple 4 modules box for the controller Fire100 and two pipes for the transition of the electrical connections and of the temperature probe.

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Dimensions 142 x 94 x 60 cm

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