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Data protection policy and legal notes


Pursuant to Art. 7 of Legislative Decree 70/03 entitled “Implementation of Directive 2000/31/EC relating to certain legal aspects regarding information society services within the internal market, with particular reference to E-commerce”, the following information is provided:

  • Provider name: TIEMME ELETTRONICA referred to hereinafter as the DATA CONTROLLER
  • Registered office: Zona Ind.Le Torre Sapienza snc 06055 Marsciano (PG)
  • Contacts: +
  • VAT N°.: 02193230543
  • Economic and Administrative Index N°: PG-185247


Text, images and any other multimedia content present on the website is either the property of the DATA CONTROLLER or licensed to the same.
All the distinguishing marks used on the website are owned by the DATA CONTROLLER, or by the respective owners or licensees who have granted the DATA CONTROLLER the right of use, limited to the publication of such on the website itself.

No part whatsoever of the website (including text, images and any other multimedia content) can be reproduced or re-transmitted without the DATA CONTROLLER’s specific authorisation, unless for non-transferable personal use. The use of the website for any unauthorised purpose is expressly prohibited by the law.


The personal data collected on this website as well as any other information which could be associated, either directly or indirectly to you, is processed and used in conformity with Legislative Decree n.196/2003 (“Data Protection Act “).
Pursuant to and by effect of Art. 13 of this Act, TIEMME ELETTRONICA does hereby inform you that the data you provide is processed by using IT tools and procedures for the following purposes:

  • to answer questions you asked;
  • to keep a database including the most frequent questions, proposals and communications;
  • for you to subscribe to our newsletter;
  • for technical browsing management (see also the section on the “Processing of cookies)

The submission of Registration Data is compulsory and the failure to submit, even partially, data which is expressly indicated as being necessary so as to achieve required objectives shall make it impossible for TIEMME ELETTRONICA to answer your questions.

The data you have provided can only be accessed by TIEMME ELETTRONICA employees who have been specifically authorised to process such data as they have been appointed as data processors in accordance with Art. 30 of Legislative Decree 196/03, and in any case, with the sole aim of fulfilling your requests. Data processors are bound to secrecy and confidentiality also in accordance with appropriate internal regulations. In any case, the data shall never be disclosed.

The data controller is TIEMME ELETTRONICA – Zona Ind.Le Torre Sapienza snc 06055 Marsciano (PG) in the person of its legal representative. At any time whatsoever, you shall be entitled to exercise your rights in accordance with Art. 7 of Legislative Decree 196/2003, which for your convenience, is reproduced in full as follows:

Art. 7 – Right of access to personal data and other rights

The interested party has the right to obtain confirmation as to the existence or non-existence of personal data concerning him/her, regardless of it being already recorded and the communication of such data in an intelligible form.
The interested party has the right to be informed of:

  • the source of the personal data;
  • of the purposes and the methods of its processing;
  • of the logics applied to its processing, if the latter is carried out with the aid of electronic means;
  • of the identification details of the data controller, data processors as well as the managers and the representative appointed in accordance with Art. 5, paragraph 2;
  • of the individuals or categories of individuals to whom or which the personal data may be communicated or may become aware of said data in their capacity as appointed representative within State territory, managers or data processors.

The interested party has the right to obtain:

  • the updating, correction or, where interested therein, the integration of data;
  • the cancellation, conversion into an anonymous form or the blocking of unlawfully processed data, including the retention of any data deemed unnecessary for the purposes for which it was collected or subsequently processed;
  • certification to the effect that the operations as per letters a) and b) have been notified, also as regards their content, to the entities to whom or which the data was communicated or disclosed, unless this requirement proves impossible or it involves a disproportionate use of resources when compared to the right to be protected.

The interested party has the right to object, in whole or in part:

  • on legitimate grounds, to the processing of personal data concerning him/her, even though it is pertinent to the purpose of collection;
  • to the processing of personal data concerning him/her, where this is performed for the purpose of sending advertising material or as part of direct sales activities or carrying out market or commercial communication surveys.

To improve the browsing experience and to guarantee services provided by third parties, our website uses technical cookies.

Technical cookies are those which are used with the sole aim of “transmitting a communication over an electronic communications network, or to the extent that is strictly necessary for the provider of information society services which has been expressly requested by the subscriber or the user to provide such service” (see Art. 122, paragraph 1, of the Data Protection Act). These are not used for other purposes and they are installed during the normal browsing through our webpages. These can be divided into persistent cookies and session cookies which guarantee the normal navigation and use of the website (making it possible to carry out a purchase or to authenticate oneself in order to gain access to secured area); functionality cookies allow the user to browse according to a series of selected criteria (for example, the language, the products selected to be purchased etc.) with the aim of tailoring the website to suit the user. As regards the installation of such cookies, prior consent from the users is not required, while the obligation to provide this information remains in accordance with Art. 13 of the Data Protection Act.

While browsing through a website, the user may also receive on his/her computer also cookies coming from different websites or web servers (so-called “third-party cookies”); this happens because the website visited may contain embedded elements such as, for example, images, maps, sounds, specific links to web pages on other domains that are located on servers other than that where the required page itself is located. TIEMME ELETTRONICA uses third party cookies, in particular cookies issued by Google Analytics services (used by Google to collect and then to provide information, in an aggregate form, on the number of users and on how these visit the website). The information generated by the cookie regarding the use of the website is then sent to Google Inc. (for information on the use and on how to disable such cookies please see: http://www.google.com/analytics/learn/privacy.html)

On the website there may also be third party cookies coming from Facebook, Twitter and YouTube that are not present on the website servers, so these are not sent by such to the user’s computer. These cookies are enabled when the user clicks on the Facebook, Twitter or YouTube icons, if he/she enters in the respective social network sites, or if he/she uses the relative services in an API. For further information on these cookies and to learn how to prevent them being saved on the user’s computer, please see: www.facebook.com/help/cookies twitter.com/privacysupport.google.com/youtube

Given the highly invasive nature of these cookies with reference to the users’ private sphere, we require your prior consent to the use of the same, by means of an appropriate form which can be found on the home page of our website.