Electronic Thermoregulation Systems


The NG24 is a temperature controller and control board. It allows to manage and optimize combustion in any kind of solid biomass stove burning pellet, corn or similar in the variants:

  • AIR with air exchanger
  • HYDRO with water exchanger
  • System in integrated implants
  • Bottom
  • Full
  • No
  • Top
  • 2WAYS2 TX-RX
  • No
  • Transmit TX
  • 2 IN 2 OUT
  • 3 IN 1 OUT
  • NO
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NG24 is the 24Volt solution of TiEmme Elettronica for the control of the stoves. From the TiEmme elettronica research and development department, the NG24 redefines the market standards in terms of savings, safety and sound impact.

TiEmme elettronica offers a service of first installation for complete conversion
to 24V, without any changing of the structure of your machine.
KIT STARTUP 24V is composed by:

  • AC/DC power supply
  • ignitor
  • brushless motor
  • brushless fume extractor
  • Tangential fan heating
  • brushless centrifugal

Additional information


Bottom, Full, No, Top


2WAYS2 TX-RX, No, Transmit TX

Expansion Module

2 IN 2 OUT, 3 IN 1 OUT, NO