Electronic Thermoregulation Systems

For Cooking/Pellet Oven Hydro


Control board MB100 defines the function conditions of the equipment connected to the outputs, on the basis of values detected by inputs and operating states. The “additional” module cannot be purchased separately. Please evaluate carefully the time required to use the “additional” module, based on the number of  outputs and inputs used to totally manage the air stove.

  • Full
  • No
  • No
  • Transmit TX
  • 2 IN 2 OUT
  • NO
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Managed Plants


  • INPUTS Low Voltage

Door Sensor
Pellet Thermostat
Room Thermostat
Flow switch
Pellet Level Sensor
Buffer Tank Probe
Brazier Cleaning Engine Limit switch
Room Probe
Primary Air Regulator
External Chrono

  • INPUTS High Voltage

Input Safety Thermostat
Input Safety Pressure switch


Pellet Safety Valve
Load Engine
Output under Thermostat
Cleaning Engine
Heating Fan
Air Fan
Error Message
P1 Pump
P2 Pump or Electrovalve
Auger 2
Brazier Cleaning Engine
Auger Block
Output under oven thermostat
Oven Light
Oven Fan