Electronic Thermoregulation Systems



The MB250 is a temperature controller and control board. It allows to manage and optimize combustion in any kind of solid biomass stove burning pellet, corn or similar in the variants:

  • AIR with air exchanger
  • HYDRO with water exchanger
  • System in integrated implants
  • Bottom
  • Full
  • No
  • Top
  • 2WAYS2 TX-RX
  • No
  • Transmit TX
  • 2 IN 2 OUT
  • 3 IN 1 OUT
  • NO
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MB250 is able to manage any biomass stove. It is a very versatile board which can be customized with Box, additional IN/OUT modules and radio modules. MB250 allows the integration of all TiEmme Elettronica additional systems.

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Bottom, Full, No, Top


2WAYS2 TX-RX, No, Transmit TX

Expansion Module

2 IN 2 OUT, 3 IN 1 OUT, NO

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    The SY400 allows to manage the combustion of stoves, burners, boilers and thermo-fireplaces. With 16 outputs in total, it represents TiEmme’s top of the line. It is the ideal product for those who need extreme adaptability and customization.

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    MB100 allows the management and the optimization of the combustion of stoves with solid combustible Biomass such as Wood, Pellet, Maize and similar in the version control board for biomass:

    • AIR with air excangher
    • HYDRO with water excangher
    • SYSTEM

    It can be plug in:

    • All control panels TiEmme elettronica
    • Reading input devices
    • Control outputs devices
    • Serial dialogue modules RS 232, RS 485

    The MB100 can be provided with:

    • Box
    • Additional IN / OUT modules
    • Radio modules
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  • MB250