Data Storage, Data Logger, Monitoring, Programming through PC

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    Testing device for 19” Rack

    Functional testing with electrical safety tests in compliance to standard EN60335:

    • Ground efficiency test
    • Dielectric strength test
    • Insulation test
    • Dispersion test

    Functional checks to test the inputs and the loads connected to the control board.
    Possibility to run tests on two different production lines.
    Testing customization for each operator.
    Chronological database to track all performed tests.
    Identification of the tested products with code and serial number.

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  • 4HEAT




    4Heat is our app to control combustion in biomass heating system from smarphone and tablet. Available for iOS and Android, it can also replace a physical controller. We can customize the app according to customer’s needs.

    • On/Off: Ignition/Extinguish
    • Temperature: Real time temperature readings
    • Chrono: Chrono programming
    • Daily – Weekly – Weekend
    • Menu: Full access to keyboard menu

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    Hardware device that interfaces the TiEmme elettronica control board with the local wi-fi router.

    Connections: RS232 – RS485

    Power supply: 5V

    Housing: ABS

    Temperature range: -20° ÷ 60°

    Fixing: self-tapping screws 5mm

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    Account and IDs management.
    A web page is available at the following link :
    The web page management is entrusted to the manufacturer.
    It is accesible even for distributors and/or sellers, if authorized.

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    Keypro is a handheld touch-screen device with all the different firmwares in its storage.

    During the installations can replace a laptop computer, avoiding its encumbrance.

    • Touch Screen TFT 3,5”
    • Interface device USB-RS232
    • Equipped of SD Card Memory
    • Storage by PC of Firmware and Programs
    • Download on Board of Firmware
    • Download on Board of program
    • Program Reading from Board

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    Modem GSM

    BASIC Functionalities
    SMS Management:
    • Start
    • Stop
    • Status
    • Error
    • Alarm
    REMOTE CONTROL Functionalities
    GSM connection PC <-> Mainboard
    Programs/parameter set Reading and Writing
    Monitoring and Logger sessions

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    System pro is an advanced PC software tool providing the following features:

    • Storage for product of programs/parameters setting
    • Create, import, export programs
    • Download programs on Control Board
    • Reading, storage of the program reading from Control Board
    • Real Time data monitoring
    • Lab Module
    • Remote Control by GSM/WEB
    • Variables management
    • Multitab custom view
    • Tools for custom monitor creation
    • Multilingual database management
    • Real time parameter management
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    Smooth and basic control panel for remote temperature zones management.

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    • Interface device USB – RS232
    • Download by PC of product Firmware
    • Download on Board of product Firmware
    • Download on Board of program/parameter set
    • Download by PC of program/parameter set

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