Data Storage, Data Logger, Monitoring, Programming through PC

  • 4HEAT




    4Heat is our app to control combustion in biomass heating system from smarphone and tablet. Available for iOS and Android, it can also replace a physical controller. We can customize the app according to customer’s needs.

    • On/Off: Ignition/Extinguish
    • Temperature: Real time temperature readings
    • Chrono: Chrono programming
    • Daily – Weekly – Weekend
    • Menu: Full access to keyboard menu

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  • .

    Hardware device that interfaces the TiEmme elettronica control board with the local wi-fi router.

    Connections: RS232 – RS485

    Power supply: 5V

    Housing: ABS

    Temperature range: -20° ÷ 60°

    Fixing: self-tapping screws 5mm

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  • .

    Account and IDs management.
    A web page is available at the following link :
    The web page management is entrusted to the manufacturer.
    It is accesible even for distributors and/or sellers, if authorized.

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    Keypro is a handheld touch-screen device with all the different firmwares in its storage.

    During the installations can replace a laptop computer, avoiding its encumbrance.

    • Touch Screen TFT 3,5”
    • Interface device USB-RS232
    • Equipped of SD Card Memory
    • Storage by PC of Firmware and Programs
    • Download on Board of Firmware
    • Download on Board of program
    • Program Reading from Board

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  • .

    Modem GSM

    BASIC Functionalities
    SMS Management:
    • Start
    • Stop
    • Status
    • Error
    • Alarm
    REMOTE CONTROL Functionalities
    GSM connection PC <-> Mainboard
    Programs/parameter set Reading and Writing
    Monitoring and Logger sessions

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    System pro is an advanced PC software tool providing the following features:

    • Storage for product of programs/parameters setting
    • Create, import, export programs
    • Download programs on Control Board
    • Reading, storage of the program reading from Control Board
    • Real Time data monitoring
    • Lab Module
    • Remote Control by GSM/WEB
    • Variables management
    • Multitab custom view
    • Tools for custom monitor creation
    • Multilingual database management
    • Real time parameter management
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  • TE.MA.



    Testing device for 19” Rack

    Functional testing with electrical safety tests in compliance to standard EN60335:

    • Ground efficiency test
    • Dielectric strength test
    • Insulation test
    • Dispersion test
    • Functional checks to test the inputs and the loads connected to the control board.
    • Possibility to run tests on two different production lines.
    • Testing customization for each operator.
    • Chronological database to track all performed tests.
    • Identification of the tested products with code and serial number.<

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  • .

    • Interface device USB – RS232
    • Download by PC of product Firmware
    • Download on Board of product Firmware
    • Download on Board of program/parameter set
    • Download by PC of program/parameter set

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