Electronic Thermoregulation Systems




TiEmme elettronica choose the technology of Soft Touch and the elegance of glass to develop a design invented to let the products perfectly fit in our everyday spaces.

The GLA810 controller allows to completely manage the heating system in which the thermo-fireplace/stove is inserted. The controller reads and displays the temperature of the air in the exchanger and the ambient temperature. The controller regulates the ventilation according to  the type of fan, installation and canalisation. GLA810 is able to manage an air valve to control combustion according to air temperature and ambient temperature.


Fan control is managed with three modalities:

The fan works at the speed the user sets, independently to the temperature read by the probe

The fan starts working at the speed the user sets, when the temperature is over the chosen value SET

The speed of the fan increases/decreases automatically according to the temperature read by the probe in the chosen range temperature

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Supply Voltage 230 V/50 Hz
Fuse T 2A
CE Compatibility EMI filter on bord
Probe Electronic sensor NTC100K high temperature
AUX Input Ambient Probe/Thermostat
Fan control Electronic control 10 speed
Max Power 250/350 W
AUX Outputs On/Off – 5A – 250 Vac
Mechanical Dimensions 3 module inbox/wall
Cover plate Glass
Key type Soft Touch