Electronic Thermoregulation Systems



The TC120 electromechanical controllers manages effectively the heating system with a fireplace.

N. 8 max system configurations

Through the outputs it is possible to read:
– the system delivery temperature
– the system return temperature
– the boiler/ sanitary accumulation temperature
– the fluxstate consent sanitary water drawing

Through the outputs it is possible to control the system devices such as:
– System pump
– Circulation pump / Electrovalve
– Consent gas boiler
– Service

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Supply Voltage 230/115 Vac  50/60 Hz
Fuse T 3,15 A
N.04 Input Sensore elettronico, sonde, Flussostato, sensore di pressione acqua
Temperature measurement Range -40 ÷ 120 /260 °C
N. 05 Max Controlled Outputs On/Off 5A 250 Vac
Output configuration free contacts / Line Voltage 230 Vac
Mechanical dimensions 4 module Inbox/Wall
Cover cap TiEmme, Vimar, Ave