Electronic Thermoregulation Systems

MBT500 Multi Boiler Tank


The MTB500 manage in a full and efficient way the Multi-Buffer Tank system.

On the available Inputs it is possible to connect temperature Probes, the flowswitch contact, the ambient thermostat contact, the water pressure level and all the available signals in order to control the set system. On the available Outputs it is possible to connect and control the devices of the heating plant such as the delivery Pump, the circulation Pump, the domestic water Electrovalve, the motorized Valve, the Gas Boyler consent, the Safety valve and others.

It features a LCD display with green or yellow backlight.

  • Rounded Black
  • Rounded White
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Housing 230/115 Vac  50/60 Hz
N. 05 probe PT1000
Temperature measurement Range -40 ÷ 120/300 °C
N. 05 Output to control On/Off – 5A  – 250 Vac
Output configuration Free contatti/Line Voltage 230 Vac
Dimensions 142x94x60 mm/180x130x55 mm
Date/Time Hardware 168 hours backup