Electronic Thermoregulation Systems

For Air stoves with or without channeling


This control system is specifically designed to manage and control a pellet Air stove. System100 Air STD3 can be purchased in the following configurations depending on the specific needs of the manufacturer. The versions are based on the type of configuration of control panels and control board.

  • 2ways
  • CP
  • LCD
  • Full
  • No
  • 2WAYS2 TX-RX
  • No
  • Transmit TX
  • 2 IN 2 OUT
  • NO
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Managed Plants

Air 01
Air 02
Air 03
Air 04
Air 05
Air 06
air 07
Air 08


  • INPUTS Low Voltage

Exhaust flue gas/Combustion Probe
Local Room Probe
Remote Room Probe
Door sensor
Pellet Thermostat
Limit switch Sensor
External Chrono
Engine speed in RPM (encoder)
Main air flow sensor
Fan speed in RPM (encoder)
Pellet level sensor

  • INPUTS High Voltage

Input Safety Thermostat
Input Safety Pressure switch


Combustion fan managed in voltage or RPM
Pellet Gearmotor managed in ON/OFF or RPM
Heating Fan
Channeled flow Fan
Load Pellet Gearmotor
Brazier Cleaning Engine
Secondary Load Pellet Gearmotor
Pellet Gearmotor Block
Heating system selector
Pellet Safety Valve
Output under thermostat