Electronic Thermoregulation Systems

GLH110 Glass Design



The combination of electronics and glass is the TiEmme elettronica idea of new line: improving the design of our product designed for the life of environments and day-to-day living spaces.

The capacitive technology of Soft Touch operation and the elegance of glass are the two key components of new design of TiEmme elettronica.

The controller manages the heating system of a wood Fireplace/Stove.

It can control up to 16 types of system configurations

Through the Inputs it is possible to read:

– System Delivery temperature

– DHW Buffer/Accumulation temperature

– DHW Fluxstate

– Buffer tank Temperature

– Solar Collector Temperature

– Water Pressure

– Room Thermostat

Through the Outputs it is possible to control system devices such as:

– PWM Pumps

– Heating Pump

– Circulation Pump/Electrovalve

– DHW Pump/Electrovalve

– Consent gas boiler

– Service

– Air Damper to control the Combustion according the Boiler and Ambient Temperature/Thermostat

– Solar Pump

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Supply Voltage 230/115 Vac  50/60 Hz
Fuse T 3,15A
N. 03 Inputs Probes, room thermostat, sensor NTC10K/NTC100K/PT1000, flow switch, water pressure sensor
Temperature measurement range -40÷120/300°C
N. 02 Controls PWM Pump ERP
N. 04 Max controlled outputs On/Off 5A 250 Vac
Output type free contacts/ Line Voltage 230 Vac
Mechanical dimensions 3 module Inbox/Wall
Cover cap Tempered glass
Keys type Touch keys