Electronic Thermoregulation Systems



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Loader500 is an electronic controller that allows to manage filling and loading systems for biomass chopped fuels with the highest efficiency and precision. By using level and proximity sensors, it controls the devices of the implant, allowing to set their parameters and optimizing their functioning.

Inputs connected and monitored:
– Material Level Sensor (up to 4)
– Position Sensors
– Contact/LimitSwitch

Outputs connected for the devices control:
– Auger Loading Motors
– Extractors Motors
– Alarms

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Supply Voltage 230 / 115 Vac  50 / 60 Hz
Level Sensors N.4 TTL Out – On/Off – NPN/PNP
Outputs to control N° 4 On/Off 5A 250 Vac
Dimensions Inbox 4 modules/External 142x94x60 mm
Dysplay LCD 128×64 Backlight