Electronic Thermoregulation Systems
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What do we do?

TiEmme elettronica projects and produces control Systems for stoves, fireplaces, burners, boilers, panels for solar-thermic plants.
Effective solutions to manage in a clever way any type of biofuel plant, of easy integration with the final product and aesthetically pleasing.

Company History

We have been operating since 1996, in Umbria, with constant commitment in material research and partner choice, for a 100 % italian production chain.

TiEmme Elettronica’s strenght is our expert team: young, dinamic, moved by their passion for electronics and technology.


Our products are the result of a research aiming to improve the quality of life, because we want future comfort to be available for today’s houses.
The smart management of temperature is a promise of wellbeing: it avoids waste and guarantees a regulation based on real needs of the final user. It is convenient for human beings and for the environment because it ensures saving in money and natural resources.

Work with us! through “UMBRIA ATTIVA”

Our goals are

Relying on TiEmme Elettronica means to dialogue with an “expert consultant” able to understand your needs and to offer cutting-edge solutions. We offer specialized consultation services, precise and professional.

In the design of our products, not only we use the most modern and innovative technologies, but we are ready to recognize and anticipate market trends.

In the creation of our products – already “eco-friendly”- we always try to use non-polluting materials.
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